miércoles, 6 de abril de 2011


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domingo, 3 de abril de 2011

this is my neighborhood

In my neighborhood is very congested traffic, is very friendly and convenient to the pedestrian. in my neighborhood There is no metro station nearby, pero Many bus services and high altitudes edificion very old house ...
is a quiet, comfortable for all, at night the people I likes to sit and talk in front of house and Their Children play.congested, is very friendly and convenient to the pedestrian. in my neighborhood There is no metro station nearby, pero Many bus services and high altitudes edificion very old house ...
is a quiet, comfortable for all, at night the people I likes to sit and talk in front of house and Their Children Play

domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011


   My routine: in my house all we have to do errands like
grocery shopping, cleaning the dry the sheets, make the food ...

 my dad is responsible for paying for public service, electricity, internet., grooming .....

 I get up I like to make breakfast, arranging my room, then I get ready, I hope the bus at Av to go to URBE ...

on weekends my mom and I are going to haircut, usually try to call dentists appointment .....


martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

A detective is on the clase!

Oh! in the city's central bank, a criminal stealing a lot of money ... bank robbery ran away and was wearing a purple sweater and blue pants, but for his bad luck the police could arrest him and cried and swore very cheeky that he did not! hm, but the police questioned him organize a fourth of questions for criminal confess! I ask it, that's what he confessed q?
  We invite you to leave your comments to share the history of mysteries

lunes, 28 de febrero de 2011

Unsolved Mysteries

Seven years ago took Laurita A big mystery surrounding the kidnapping that shocked even the Zulia. The case of Laura Stefany Meza Leal, 9, affectionately known as Laura, added a year today. On October 27, 2003, the cheerful girl, studious and intelligent went out to get sand to the plaza Juan Crisostomo Falcon, Black Earth, when they took. Many questions still go unanswered: Who, how? and why?, remain the first thoughts that Meza's family has to wake up each new day. The arrests and sentencing to seven years in prison for Joseph Barboza Yuelys Prieto, sister Yuberys Second Prieto and Luis Alfonso Barboza Barboza Barboza, completely failed to clarify the case. The whereabouts of the peculiar girl braids never met. Commissioner Jose Romero, head of sub-Body of Scientific, Criminal and Cabimas, said: "The investigations into the case remains open, has not rested or rest in the quest to solve the case Meza." The search failed did not end the hopes of his parents and sisters, Felymar and Crystal, to see Laura again sitting watching cartoons to reach school. "I hope for my daughter, there are days that I can hardly decline and pass this ordeal has left me no my baby, but the hope is the last thing to lose," said Felicita de Meza.


The Alcaraván  (History): There is a legend in the prairie towns that it passes a Alcaraván singing at the top of a house, is said to be a woman in the state. Once spent a Alcaraván a house where there were five marriageable girls, each more beautiful then the old woman said: "Oh cockroach!, Whom the girls I might take him the bump" He put in a room to deploy them, and to ask which of them was the one who had gone to state. At the door of the room was an old dog, lying, who had also heard, perhaps, the Curlew when it happened and the dog would think: "This is going to be a dog-saves, and I do not like fights, I I better get out of here "and left there. Start the discussion inside the room: "What if it was you, if I, if not, if you, if I, if not, that if you

The Alcaraván and owl, as my grandmother used to say: it is a very ancient history, I remember my grandmother telling me that "when a white owl that was twinkling in the night above the houses, it was because there was someone the cuandra I was expecting a baby. "when you see a bad word screams oh! Hahahaha, when I was a kid I thought .

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

eat! I love ...

     I declare myself addicted to the delicious, sweet, soft and crunchy chocolates.


What I can say junk food is my weakness!


pizza: always ask around and double especially because it gives in salami spice ...


Not to mention when I go to the beach I can not prove ros famous "broken mattress" are acidic, bitter besides having a variety of Altimeter Sea can be healthy but not excessive.


The yogurt is rich in vitamins and very healthy fascinates me the strawberry because it is the combination of sweet with citrus.


The Venezuelan cachapa cooking and my mom is the best! ... my wing farm tours can not miss, is a blend of sweet and salty soft dough with the mantquilla and cheese.

mmm yummy! ...